As the title suggest, this paper serves as an introduction to the philosophy of panpsychism. I have tried my best to synthesize the sometimes disparate literature on the topic into a single, unified conceptual framework, resolving conflicting ideas as much as possible. By a "rigorous" introduction, I mean that the contents of this paper attempts to be as precise as possible & that the paper is written in a first-principles manner. By "diagrammatic", I mean that graphical illustrations have been chosen as the primary medium of exposition.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Panpsychism?
  2. Survey of Panpsychist Ideas
  3. How Quantum Physics Proves Panpsychism
  4. Why Capitalism is Wrong According to Panpsychism
  5. Conclusion: Panpsychism in a nutshell

What is Panpyschism

Survey of Panpyschist Ideas

How Quantum Physics Proves Panpsychism

Why Capitalism is Wrong According to Panpsychism

Conclusion: Panpsychism in a Nutshell

I hope this paper has proven useful for new and experienced philosophers alike. I believe graphics are an exceptional medium for explaining complex subjects and, ideally, this paper marks the beginning of a movement towards a more illustration-oriented philosophical literature without sacrificing rigor and sophistication!