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Past Speaking Events 2019

Berlin Blockchain Week (August 2019)

  • DApp Development in JavaScript
DApp development workshop

This was a workshop I held with co-worker and CKB-VM co-developer Xuejie. We explained the fundamentals of the Nervos Network's layer 1 blockchain's - the common knowledge base (CKB) - programming model and dove into writing and deploying user defined tokens in JavaScript straight to the blockchain.

  • Cryptoeconomic Design of CKB
Presentation I gave on cryptoeconomics during Berlin Blockchain Week. Shoutout to my fiancee supporting me in the front row!

This was a talk I gave at the token economics meetup sponsored by Fluence Labs and hosted by OSCoin. In this talk, I described the problems that many blockchains face today from an economics standpoint that damage the blockchain's long term sustainability. I also described why a smart contract platform must be store of value and then explained how Nervos Network's CKB innovates at the economic level to solve problems of sustainability, value capture, scalability, and state growth.

Diffusion, Berlin (October 19 - 20)

  • Mentor and Workshop

I will be one of the mentors for hackathon participants as well as giving a CKB development workshop.

Presenting on Nervos Economic Design at the Diffusion Hackathon

San Francisco Blockchain Week (October 28 - November 3)

  • Hackathon Judge and Speaker at DeFi Hackathon
  • CKB Programming Models Workshop at Rust In Blockchain (October 30)

At this workshop I will explain Nervos CKB design and walk the audience through deploying a simple DApp to CKB during the Rust in Blockchain Workshops.